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Property tax assessments are going to hit Boulder Valley hard

People with fixed incomes are getting hit right where it counts — their monthly payment. This May, homeowners in Boulder County will receive news that the valuation used to calculate

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Spring thaw comes to Boulder Valley real estate

There is a vast amount of noise about the real estate market caused by mainstream national media and social media, such that it has become very hard to find the signal amongst all the noise.First,

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The Colorado River of real estate flows on

If you consume your news and updates from the national mainstream media, you are likely under the impression that homes are not selling, the market is collapsing, interest rates are spiking, and you

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Some truths about people … and Boulder Valley real estate

With the economy in a (possible) recession, the housing market shifting, interest rates acting volatile, and the myriad social, medical, and political issues impacting our daily lives, there is no

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